User Toolbox

Get real-time visitor insights

This plugin allows you to learn more about your visitors, including their location, device, referer, and UTM parameters, without any extra effort.

  • 🌍 Understand where your visitors are coming from with detailed location data

  • πŸ“± Enhance user experience by understanding visitors' device, browser, screen dimensions, and cookie preferences

  • πŸ”— Optimize your marketing strategy by understanding from which website your visitors are coming, with detailed referer information

  • 🎯 Get easy access to UTM parameters such as campaign, content, medium, source, and term.


Add the element UserToolbox | User Info to your page.


The element exposes the following state:

🌏 Geolocation

  • Geo Continent Code
  • Geo Continent Name
  • Geo Country Name
  • Geo Country Code
  • Geo Country Flag
  • Geo Country Flag Emoji
  • Geo Is EU?

πŸ’» Device

  • Device Family
  • Browser Family
  • OS Family
  • Screen Width
  • Screen Height
  • User Agent
  • Are Cookies Enabled?

πŸ‘€ User

  • Fingerprint
  • User Language
  • Is Bot?
  • User ID
  • Email
  • Is Identified?

πŸ”— Referer

  • Referer URL
  • Referer Known?
  • Referer Medium
  • Referer Name
  • Referer Search Parameter
  • Referer Search Term


  • UTM Campaign
  • UTM Content
  • UTM Medium
  • UTM Source
  • UTM Term

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