Seamlessly integrate Supabase into your apps.

Supabase Overview


Supabase provides an open-source scalable and robust backend infrastructure. This plugin seamlessly allows you to easily integrate Supabase within your apps.

Key features:

  • Easily manage your user accounts on Supabase (including email, phone, OTP, OAuth)
  • Interact effortlessly with your Supabase DB from your Bubble app
  • Upload files and manage your Supabase buckets with ease
  • Trigger Supabase edge functions directly from Bubble workflows
  • Broadcast messages to subscribed clients through websockets
  • And more...

Why use the Supabase plugin?

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    💰 Cost-Efficiency & Data Savings

    This plugin helps manage costs effectively under the new's Workload Units (WUs) pricing model. Additionally, Supabase's free plan offers more resources - 500MB of database space and 1GB of file storage, more than's equivalent, thus reducing your data costs.

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    🔓 Open-Source

    Supabase is an incredible open-source platform that lets you tailor it to your needs. You can self-host Supabase to get even more control over your applications and data.

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    🕒 Save Time

    Using this plugin allows you to save hours of work by bypassing the complex and time-intensive task of manually integrating Supabase with Bubble’s API connector. It also includes a file uploader, enabling you to directly upload files to Supabase storage without the need for any other plugins.

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    🛠️ Best Practices

    By using this plugin, you are employing Supabase in the most efficient way, which optimizes your app's performance.

Next steps

To get started we recommend following our quickstart guide. This will assist you in understanding the various components of the plugin and start to integrate Supabase on your Bubble app.



Explore our demo app to see how to effectively use the Supabase plugin in your app.

Supabase - Demo app

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